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Full Description

Looking for an affordable website?

Let's face it, these days everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and every entrepreneur or business owner needs a website.

Websites can get quite expensive if you're looking for a web designer, and that's why we've created this affordable package.

With our Go website package, you can have a fully functioning website for less than $115 (R 2500).

This is a deal so good you won't even find one like it on Fiverr.


What do you need before working with us?

Before working with us there are a couple of things that we'd like you to have in advance. These things are properties or services that you will own/partly own and are offered by other companies.

Here they are:

1. Domain Name

A Domain Name is essentially the name of your website. For this website you're currently viewing the domain name is 

Follow this short informative guide to learn more about domain names along with a short guide on how to purchase a domain name for a low price.


2. Hosting account

The hosting service is where the website itself is stored (All of the beautiful files that make up your website). Unless you're planning to have a computing system set up and running 24/7 to have your website running, it's recommended that you use an established hosting service.

Here is another helpful guide aimed at assisting you in understanding what Hosting is along with a guide that will take you through a step-by-step process on how to sign up for an account using the same hosting service we use.


What do you get in this package?

1x Professional Website

We will deliver a beautiful website designed by us as well as a divi API Key that allows you to access all of divi's modules and updates for life for a single site.

1x Divi Theme Builder

You’ll receive a Divi API Key that allows you to access to the Divi Theme Builder which includes all of DIVI’s Modules and updates for life for a single site.

Divi is a drag and drop theme builder which you'll always be able to use. You'll be entitled to lifetime updates.

No need for a theme ever again even if you want to redesign your whole site in future.

Logo Design

We will deliver a stunning logo designed by us for your business or personal brand.

Fast Action Bonuses

Written Content

We will deliver a creative piece of content written by us up to 1000 words

Act fast to gain access to our Fast Action Bonus (Free Written Content for your website)

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