Bukhari 53 (Book 2, Hadith 46)

Narrated to us Ali ibn al-Jaad, who said, Shu’bah informed us, from Abu Jamrah, who said, “I used to sit with Ibn Abbas, and he would make me sit on his bed. He said, ‘Stay with me until I allocate something for you from my wealth.’ So I stayed with him for two months. Then he said, ‘When the delegation of Abd al-Qais came to the Prophet (peace be upon him), he said, “Who are the people, or who is the delegation?” They said, “Rabi’ah.” He said, “Welcome to the people, or welcome to the delegation! Neither disappointment nor regret will touch you.” They said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, we cannot come to you except in the sacred month, and between us and you is the area of Kufr (disbelief) belonging to the disbelievers of Mudar. So, order us regarding a matter that we can convey to those who are behind us, and by which we may enter Paradise.” They also asked him about alcoholic drinks. He ordered them four things and forbade them four things. He ordered them to believe in Allah alone and asked them, “Do you know what faith in Allah alone is?” They said, “Allah and His Messenger know better.” He said, “It is the testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, the establishment of prayer, the giving of Zakat, the fasting of Ramadan, and that you give one-fifth of the spoils.” He forbade them four things, namely, Hantam, Dubba’, Naqir, and Muzaffat. (These were names of utensils in their language used for preparing alcoholic drinks).” He said, “Memorize them and convey them to those behind you.”

حَدَّثَنَا عَلِيُّ بْنُ الْجَعْدِ، قَالَ أَخْبَرَنَا شُعْبَةُ، عَنْ أَبِي جَمْرَةَ، قَالَ كُنْتُ أَقْعُدُ مَعَ ابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ، يُجْلِسُنِي عَلَى سَرِيرِهِ فَقَالَ أَقِمْ عِنْدِي حَتَّى أَجْعَلَ لَكَ سَهْمًا مِنْ مَالِي، فَأَقَمْتُ مَعَهُ شَهْرَيْنِ، ثُمَّ قَالَ إِنَّ وَفْدَ عَبْدِ الْقَيْسِ لَمَّا أَتَوُا النَّبِيَّ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ ‏”‏ مَنِ الْقَوْمُ أَوْ مَنِ الْوَفْدُ ‏”‏‏.‏ قَالُوا رَبِيعَةُ‏.‏ قَالَ ‏”‏ مَرْحَبًا بِالْقَوْمِ ـ أَوْ بِالْوَفْدِ ـ غَيْرَ خَزَايَا وَلاَ نَدَامَى ‏”‏‏.‏ فَقَالُوا يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ، إِنَّا لاَ نَسْتَطِيعُ أَنْ نَأْتِيَكَ إِلاَّ فِي شَهْرِ الْحَرَامِ، وَبَيْنَنَا وَبَيْنَكَ هَذَا الْحَىُّ مِنْ كُفَّارِ مُضَرَ، فَمُرْنَا بِأَمْرٍ فَصْلٍ، نُخْبِرْ بِهِ مَنْ وَرَاءَنَا، وَنَدْخُلْ بِهِ الْجَنَّةَ‏.‏ وَسَأَلُوهُ عَنِ الأَشْرِبَةِ‏.‏ فَأَمَرَهُمْ بِأَرْبَعٍ، وَنَهَاهُمْ عَنْ أَرْبَعٍ، أَمَرَهُمْ بِالإِيمَانِ بِاللَّهِ وَحْدَهُ‏.‏ قَالَ ‏”‏ أَتَدْرُونَ مَا الإِيمَانُ بِاللَّهِ وَحْدَهُ ‏”‏‏.‏ قَالُوا اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ أَعْلَمُ‏.‏ قَالَ ‏”‏ شَهَادَةُ أَنْ لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ وَأَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ اللَّهِ، وَإِقَامُ الصَّلاَةِ، وَإِيتَاءُ الزَّكَاةِ، وَصِيَامُ رَمَضَانَ، وَأَنْ تُعْطُوا مِنَ الْمَغْنَمِ الْخُمُسَ ‏”‏‏.‏ وَنَهَاهُمْ عَنْ أَرْبَعٍ عَنِ الْحَنْتَمِ وَالدُّبَّاءِ وَالنَّقِيرِ وَالْمُزَفَّتِ‏.‏ وَرُبَّمَا قَالَ الْمُقَيَّرِ‏.‏ وَقَالَ ‏”‏ احْفَظُوهُنَّ وَأَخْبِرُوا بِهِنَّ مَنْ وَرَاءَكُمْ ‏”‏‏.‏

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